Principals Message/PTA Newsletter

                It is hard to believe that we are a whole month into school!!  It has been an absolute joy for me to get to know your children.  I am constantly amazed at the great things that they do on a daily basis.  One of the highlights of September was the assembly on September 11th.  We invited a group of Veterans representing virtually every branch of the military to come and visit with our students.  They led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and then spoke to the students about what their service meant to them.  After they were done with their presentation, our students gave them a standing ovation.  It was a great moment for McKinley and for those Service Men.  On their way back to class the students got to shake hands with the Veterans.  I heard one little girl say “I am never washing my hand again…I just shook hands with a REAL SUPERHERO!!”  One of the Veterans served in WWII and is 91 years old.  I think our students gained a great appreciation for what our Armed Services really do for us. 
                This week we will be having our first Parent Teacher Conferences.  They are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday the 1st & 2nd of October.  You should have received a note from your child explaining how to sign up for a time on one of those 2 days.  If you did not receive that note please contact your child’s teacher and they can help you schedule a time.  It is important for our students to be able to show their parents all of the great things they are doing at our school.  During that time we will be giving you your child’s DIBELS score for the beginning of the year.  This test measures various aspects of reading and is administered 3 times during the school year.  Please visit with your child’s teacher and make sure you understand what the score means for your student.  One of the most important things that Parents can do to help their children with reading, is to read with them for at least 20 minutes a night.  I know that is sometimes tough, but I promise you that if you make reading a priority in your home you will see an increase in their reading skill, which directly translates to their success in learning.
                Just as a reminder please visit with your child about what things are appropriate to bring to school.  Many times our students receive a new gift, or something new at home and want to bring that to school to show their teacher and friends.  Please remind them that things like knives, swords, or guns (even fake ones) are not allowed on school grounds and could result in disciplinary action if they are found at school. 
                Once again I thank you for allowing me to work with your children, they are great young people and I am proud to be associated with them and with you.
Clay S. Chournos
Dominate The Day!!

It is already October and the school year has been so great!!  I first want to thank everyone for all of your help and volunteering that has made so many things happen here at McKinley.  Thank you for all who participated in the fundraiser we truly appreciate all that you have done and for your help in funding the activities at the school.  The fundraiser will be delivered to the school on October 24, if you ordered a big order and your child may need help to take the order home please come into the school that day and help them.  The fundraiser will be handed out at the end of school.   
On October 1 & 2, make sure to stop by the book fair during your parent teacher conference, to add to your library at home.  We will have our walk to school day on October 15, we will meet at Park meadows and what to the school.  Red Ribbon week is October 27-31 and our dress up days are as follows:
               Monday: Superhero or Red Day
               Tuesday: Crazy Hair Day
                Wednesday: Inside out and/or backwards day
                Thursday:  Crazy shoe and/or sock day
                Friday: Halloween costume—NO MASKS
 We will have our Pumpkin Walk and Carnival on October 30, more details will be coming out the first week of October so watch for those.  Also we are in the process of an after school science program watch for more information coming out soon.  Be saving your box tops also we are going to be having a competition to see which class can bring in the most.  Membership cards will be out in October, we are waiting for the gift cards from Applebee’s. 
T-shirts should be here and delivered the week of October 6th

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