Thursday, August 6, 2015

Directions to Set Up an Account for Passport

Instructions for parents to setup an account to Passport to look at Student Grades:

1.    You must know the student ID and DOB for at least one of your students before beginning the process.  If you do not know your student's ID, please call the school.
2.    Access the Passport Portal at this url or by going to the Box Elder District Homepage and clicking on the “Student Grades” link. (see graphic).  OR CLICK ON “PASSPORT” ON THE TOP LEFT OF MCKINLEY’S WEBPAGE!

 3.   Once on the Passport Login Screen, you can click the “request an account” link and will be prompted through the steps to complete the process.

4.   Once you have completed the process, you can log into Passport or Aspire. The url for Aspire is 

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