Wednesday, September 2, 2015

PTA School Fundraiser

The PTA kicked off the fundraiser today.  A packet should have been sent home with your student.  This fundraiser is one selling chocolate bars.  They come in boxes of 30 candy bars (some of each kind) and will be sold for $2 a bar.  If you want your student to sell them, then you need to sign a permission form and send it to school with your student.  At that point, a box of chocolates will be send home for them to sell.  Please keep in mind that if you sign the permission slip, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SELLING ALL THE CANDY BARS IN THE BOX and will need to send the $60 back for that box of chocolates by the fundraiser deadline.  Please help raise money for our school that is used for many different things throughout the year.  Make sure to read through the information that was sent home in the packet so you are aware of what the guidelines.  They will also be selling first aid kits as well, look in the packet for more information on this as well.

If you sell one whole box of chocolates and need another one, you will need to sign another permission slip to get another box to sell.  You need to sign a permission slip each time you want another box of chocolates.

Click here if you need to open and print out the permission slip.  Please note that there are two on the page, so you can cut it in half.

Thank you for your support!

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