Monday, January 4, 2016



We are excited to get our clubs going now that we are back from the Holiday break!!  One of those clubs is our Car Pool Club.  You will see several of our students out after school helping to direct traffic and keep our pick up moving along safely.  We have had a few close calls this year involving student/vehicle accidents and we will be more closely enforcing the pick up procedures that we put in place last year.  Here are a couple of reminders about what some of those will be:

--Students will not be allowed on the grass by the flagpole and marquee sign.  Students that are meeting siblings or other students to walk home will need to make sure their meeting place is not in that area.  A good area for a meeting place is on the east side of the school by the bike racks or on the north side of the school.  

-- Students will not be allowed to enter a vehicle until the vehicle is past the cones on the cement.  We realize that this may cause a bit of a delay but it is the only way we can monitor all of the students and their safety within the pick up lane.  Please pull forward as far a possible and let one of the students in the orange vest know who you are waiting for and they will call for that student.  Please leave enough room in front of your vehicle so that when you have your kids safely in the car you can leave the pick up lane and make room for other cars. We will also be closing off the South East parking lot 15 minutes prior to school letting out so please do not make arrangements to pick up students in that lot.  We will also close the entrance to the South West lot once the bell rings.  If you are in that lot you can pick up your students but will need to exit at the far west.

--Remember that it is illegal to cross the street other than in a crosswalk.  Also remember that it is illegal to travel east on the road directly south of the main school entrance until 4:00 PM.  This street is a 1 way street during the day and you run the risk of getting a ticket if you are see traveling east on that street after school.

-- You are welcome to pick up your students on the north side BEHIND the busses.  Please do not park so that your children have to cross the street to get in your vehicle.  You can also use the east sidewalk to pick up students.  Please realize that if you are using this access point that we do not have supervision on that side so please be extra careful.  Also if you are using the east side please do not park going north so that your child has to cross the street to get in your vehicle.  You will need to be traveling SOUTH to pick up your child there.  You will also not be able to make a U Turn on that street once you have picked up your child.  You will need to continue south to the stop sign and turn there.

We know that at first this process will take a little getting used to for both parents and students.  We will do our best to monitor the situation and make any changes that are necessary.  We are also asking the Police to be here several days of the week after school to help and to provide us feedback for any changes they think will help. Please be patient with us for the next few days and allow yourself a few extra minutes to get your children while we adjust to this procedure.  Hopefully you know that our main objective in implementing these procedures is to keep ALL of our students as safe as possible.  Please help us in this endeavor.  

If you have questions or concerns I am glad to talk to you about those.  Just give us a call here at the office at 257-2590.

Thank You!!

Mr. Chournos

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