Friday, March 24, 2017

McKinley Fundraiser

Please click HERE to open & print fundraiser collection sheet/info.

McKinley School Fundraiser will run from March 27th thru April 12th!
*  Our school goal is $10,000
*  Each grade level goal is $1700 ($1500 for Kindergarten).  If the grade makes their goal then the teachers of that grade will do the torture they choose at the ending assembly!!
*  Each Class has a goal of $575 (Ayotte $300, Scothern/Theurer $400).  As soon as a class hits their goal, they may choose any one of these prizes:
§  Run Through the halls
§  25 PRIDE Ticket
§  Extra 10 mins of Break with Mr. Chournos
§  Ice Cream Party
§  Pie in the face for Mr. Chournos
§  Treats for a week
§  Paint Mr. Chournos’ face
*  Once a class has chosen one of those prizes it is off the table for the rest of the grade level. For every $100 over the $575 that the class reaches they may choose another one of the activities.
*  Every student who brings in $40 or more will get a ticket for a baseball game at the High School where they will get a free hot dog and drink.
*  For school goals Mr. Chournos will agree to the following:
§  $5,000 Mr. Chournos will dye his hair red and blue for the day
§  $7,500 Ice Cream Sunday torture for Mr. Chournos
§  $10,000 Duct Tape Mr. Chournos to the wall during the final assembly
§  $12,000 3 people from each grade level get to silly string Mr. Chournos while duct taped to the wall

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