Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Winter Concerns


With Winter time upon us I would like to share a few things with you. Please send your students with coats to wear everyday. They will be going outside in weather from 20 Degrees  and above. They will likely be going outside to get some fresh air everyday. If your child has a medical need that would have them stay inside (such as asthma) we will have an alternative activity for them during lunch recess. Please let their teacher know. On green air quality days we will have students go outside, on yellow days those with medical needs will stay in, all students will stay in on red air quality days.  They can only stay inside for medical needs due to supervision. 

Please talk to your children about sharing hats, combs, and having direct contact with each other with their heads, (leaning on each other, butting heads together,  etc.) as often this time of year we see an increase in lice. Lice happens, but the impact can be hurtful for students. So to protect students we ask that you help us be proactive in dealing with it. If your child does encounter nits (eggs) or lice, they need to be treated at home with lice killing formula (often found at your local drug store), once they have been treated and their hair combed through to remove the lice, they can return to school. This is often a 1 day treatment. I have included a myths and facts sheet to help us with how lice spread and the treatment that needs to take place. 

Thank you, 

Corynn Arehart
Principal Mckinley Elementary 

Click on the image to view larger.

Click HERE to open and print myths & facts sheet.

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